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London Evening Standard Interview with Alain de Cadenet

London Evening Standard:
Playboys who roar through Knightsbridge in supercars should instead pit themselves against young British racers on the track, according to one of Britain’s top endurance drivers.
Alain de Cadenet criticised the “vulgar exhibitionism” of the summer season that sees millionaires from the Arab states shipping in their ultra high-spec cars to cruise west London.
Mr de Cadenet, father of television presenter Amanda, has competed in eight 24 Hours of Le Mans races.
He described the annual supercar influx as “a vulgar activity given to people who ought to be spending their money going vintage motor racing instead”.
Mr de Cadenet, 69, said: “Better still, they should try and do Formula Ford with all the kamikaze 18-year-olds, who are good. These guys with the big bucks for Lamborghinis, if they fancy themselves as Jack the Lad racers, go and compete with our home-grown Formula Ford racers.
“If you can keep up with them, let alone beat them, you’re good. They would get self-worth, realise they are quite good drivers and they’d also realise it is a civilised thing to be doing, rather than vulgar exhibitionism.” Formula Ford is an entry-level open cockpit racing class in which cars can hit 158mph.
Mr de Cadenet spoke to promote his new theatrical documentary, a Sicilian Dream, about the dynasty behind what was once the world’s longest open road race, the treacherous Targa Florio in Sicily. He described it the “most romantic of all the great road races”.
A Sicilian Dream premieres at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square on October 19 and is on general release from October

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